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What's New?

This page documents the most recent activities of Tom and Cathy.  We expect to update this page frequently.  We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Click on any of the pictures to see the enlargement.


In this video Zack demonstrates the "door and tickle" game.  Zack taps dad's hand on the door frame and then runs to the bed and waits to be tickled.  Zack is 4 years 1 month old in this video.









zachary40.jpg (130438 bytes)Zack dances the tango in this picture which was taken when Zack was 35 months old.  Look at him go!







zackinacooler1.jpg (119851 bytes)In this picture Zack practices his evacuation drill for Hurricane Rita which is now bearing down on the Houston area.  His clever plan is to ride out the hurricane by hiding in a cooler.  Great idea!  This picture was taken a few days before the hurricane hit the coast.





somersault1.jpg (131957 bytes)Zack practices his gymnastic abilities.  He should be ready for the 2020 Olympics.  This picture was taken when Zack was 33 months old.






zacharyswim13.jpg (132289 bytes)It's summer time and Zack takes to the water like a fish.  That is, as long as mama is there to hold him.  This picture was taken at our neighborhood swimming pool when Zack was 32 months old.






zacharybath2.jpg (123389 bytes)Splish, splash, I was taking a bath.  At an age of 28 months Zack is the Lord of the Rings.  That is, the bathtub rings!






jocelynsteve1.jpg (121193 bytes)This picture was taken at a Christmas party hosted by Jocelyn and Steve Williams.  From left to right: Letty, Jocelyn, Marissa, Cathy, and Gina.  Entertainment consisted of karaoke and a variety of parlor games.






maryhavard6.jpg (111644 bytes)This picture was taken during a pre-Christmas get-together at the home of Mary and Havard Brandt.  Mary comes from Luzon and Havard comes from Norway.  They have two young daughters.  Hannah is 18 months old and Katrina is 3 1/2  years old.