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Here are some assorted pictures of friends and family for both Tom and Cathy.  We hope you enjoy them!


Click on any of the pictures to see the enlargement.


ninograduation1.jpg (140036 bytes)This is a graduation picture of Cathy's half-brother Alexis (a.k.a. Nino) who graduated from the University of Cebu in March 2006.  He earned a degree in computer engineering.  Congratulations!, Nino.  In this picture he is standing next to his proud mother, Salud.






April EveHere we see Cathy's half-sister April Eve with Cathy's mother Salud.  Eve is eleven years old.  In this picture she shows off her special dance outfit.






Cathy, Judith, and JojoTom and Cathy visited Cathy's friend Jojo in Lexington, Kentucky in September 2000.  Jojo is a former neighbor from Figueroa Street in Cebu City.  From left to right: Cathy, Judith (Jojo's younger sister), and Jojo.






jean3.jpg (77159 bytes)This is a picture of Jean and Art Nacionales and their two kids A.J. and Joaquin.  Jean and Art live in Calgary, Canada.  They are former coworkers of Cathy at Acer in Hsinchu, Taiwan.






Despedida PartyThis picture was taken during Cathy's despedida party which was held in Cebu City on September 4, 1999.  This was just three days before she flew to America to get married to Tom.  From left to right: Emilie, Cathy, Jennie, Josie Alegrado, Josie Acasio, Alice, and Clar.