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Tom met Cathy during his first trip to the Philippines which took place from February 4, 1999 until February 16, 1999. Tom flew on Cathay Pacific Airlines from Los Angeles to Hong Kong (a 15 hour trip), and from Hong Kong to Cebu City (a 2.5 hour trip).  Tom and Cathy met for the first time on February 4, 1999.  Five days later, on February 9, 1999 they became engaged.  So fast!  Here are some pictures which were taken during Tom's first trip to the Philippines.  We hope you enjoy them!


Click on any of the pictures to see the enlargement.


Tom proposing to CathyTom proposed to Cathy on February 9, 1999.  Here is the moment captured in a picture.  The proposal took place at Cathy's home, 21 Figueroa Street, Cebu City.






KaraokeTom and Cathy doing the karaoke thing.  This was Tom's first experience at karaoke and it proved to be an enjoyable one.







Cathy's Family at Hadsan BeachThis picture was taken at Hadsan beach.  From left to right: Hilario (Cathy's step-father), Pining (Hilario's sister), Junior (Pining's husband), Cathy, Tom, and Salud (Cathy's mother).






Chocolate HillsTom and Cathy take a pose at the Chocolate Hills which are located on the island of Bohol.  The stairs were built into one of the hills and there are over 200 steps to the top.






Nalusuan IslandThis picture was taken at Nalusuan Island which is located just off the coast of Cebu.  We had a great time out there swimming, jet skiing, and snorkeling.  Cathy's mother provided the food and it was fantastic.