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Cathy also had her Dark Ages, the time before she met her knight in shining armor (that would be Tom).  This is the historical period called Cathy B.T. (Before Tom).  Cathy's life, it's not just a job, it's an adventure!  Here is a picture to prove it.


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Cathy in TaiwanCathy poses at Janfusun Fancy World in Taichung, Taiwan.  Cathy worked at Acer, Inc. in Taiwan from December 1995 until December 1997.  During that time she went on many tours throughout Taiwan with her Filipino coworkers.






The following table gives a summary of the major events in Cathy Marking's life:

Life Story of Cathy Marking



Born in Cebu City, Philippines (as Catherine Del Rosario) Nov. 23, 1969
Raised in Cebu City, Philippines 1969 - 1987
Graduated from high school in Cebu City, Philippines 1987
Went to college at C.I.T in Cebu City, Philippines 1987 - 1991
Graduated from C.I.T with a degree in computer science 1991
Worked at Gaisano Main Dept. Store in Cebu City 1991 - 1995
Worked at Acer, Inc. in Taiwan Dec. 1995 - Dec. 1997
Met Tom in Cebu City, Philippines Feb. 4, 1999
Became engaged to Tom Feb. 9, 1999
Arrived in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. Sep. 7, 1999
Married Tom in Houston, Texas (civil ceremony) Oct. 16, 1999
Attended a variety of computer classes at CompUSA, Houston Dec. 1999 - Mar. 2000
Started first job in America at New Era Life Insurance Mar. 27, 2000
Took honeymoon trip with Tom to Grand Canyon, Arizona Oct. 11-14, 2000
Bought a new car (2001 Chevy Cavalier) Oct. 16, 2000
Married Tom at Sacred Heart Church, Cebu City May 24, 2001
Passed the road test to earn a Texas state driver's license Oct. 11, 2001
Found out through home pregnancy test that she is pregnant Apr. 1, 2002
Saw first ultrasound of 7-week-old fetus at OB-GYN office Apr. 23, 2002
Saw second ultrasound of 16-week-old fetus at OB-GYN office Jun. 25, 2002
Gave birth to her first baby (Zachary Brandon: 7 lbs. 5 oz.) Nov. 25, 2002
Purchased a house in Katy, Texas Aug. 29, 2003
Attended Zachary's baptism in the Philippines Jan. 24, 2004
Became a citizen of the United States of America Aug. 30, 2005
Voted in her first United States election Nov. 8, 2005