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Baby Pictures
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Our new baby boy is named Zachary Brandon.  He was born on November 25, 2002 at 3:19 p.m. at West Houston Medical Center.  His weight at birth was 7 pounds and 5 ounces.  His length was 20 inches.  The circumference of his head was 14.5 inches making him too big to pass through Cathy's pelvis.  That's why Cathy had a scheduled caesarian section.  Here are some pictures of our new baby.  We hope you enjoy them.


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zacharyswing5.jpg (41935 bytes)Zack tries out a swing in a playground.  He seems to be really enjoying himself.  The occasion was a potluck get-together hosted by the Katy Filipino Club on March 27, 2004.






zacharyportrait1.jpg (133920 bytes)The following four pictures were taken in a studio when Zack was one year old.  In this picture Zack poses as the birthday boy.







zacharyportrait2.jpg (120474 bytes)Zack gets ready to play some baseball!







zacharyportrait3.jpg (151438 bytes)Zack is the autumn baby in this picture.







zacharyportrait4.jpg (97316 bytes)This is a close-up shot of Zack.  What a smile!







zachary1.jpg (90833 bytes)This picture was taken on Zack's first birthday (November 25, 2003).  Here we see him sitting in his high chair wearing his birthday hat.  Zack got to eat ice cream cake for the first time.  Yum! Yum!






baby45.jpg (83445 bytes)At an age of 7 months Zack has fun on his boppy pillow.  He is able to roll over both ways by this age.







baby42.jpg (122131 bytes)Zack and mama spend some quality time together.  Zack is 5 months old in this picture.







baby41.jpg (68484 bytes)Zack takes his first taste of solid food at an age of 4 months.  He seems to enjoy the rice cereal but he doesn't quite have the hang of eating from a spoon.






baby38.jpg (107534 bytes)At an age of 13 weeks Zack can spontaneously smile.  He's also beginning to develop hand-eye coordination.  He can track the movement of his hands with his eyes.






baby35.jpg (115795 bytes)Zack tries out his Easter Bunny outfit.  He is twelve weeks old in this picture.  As you can see, he has started to smile without any prompting by this age.






baby22.jpg (110954 bytes)This Christmas season we were fortunate to be visited by the Christmas Baby who is one of Santa's helpers.  The Christmas Baby brought us lots of presents for Christmas, but the greatest gift of all was the Christmas Baby himself!





The following table gives a summary of the major events in Zachary Marking's life:

Life Story of Zachary Marking



Born in Houston, Texas with a weight of 7 lbs. 5 oz. Nov. 25, 2002
Released from hospital Nov. 28, 2002
Circumcision healed Dec. 2, 2002
Underwent phototherapy to treat his jaundice Dec. 3-5, 2002
Reached minimum weight of 6 lbs. 4.5 oz. Dec. 9, 2002
Received social security number Dec. 10, 2002
Umbilical stump fell off Dec. 13, 2002
Admitted to Texas Children's Hospital due to low sodium levels in blood serum.  Preliminary diagnosis is Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). Dec. 23, 2002
Released from Texas Children's Hospital.  Treatment includes adding salt to formula and hydrocortisone. Dec. 27, 2002
Reached a weight of 8 lbs. 10 oz. Dec. 30, 2002
First appointment with endocrinologist reveals that Zachary does NOT have CAH.  Other possible diseases include HypoAldosteronism (HA) or PseudoHypoAldosteronism (PHA). Jan. 3, 2003
Reached a weight of 10 lbs. 9 oz. Jan. 15, 2003
Reached a weight of 14 lbs. 10 oz. (twice birth weight) Feb. 20, 2003
Diagnosed with PseudoHypoAldosteronism (PHA) by the Endocrinology clinic of Texas Children's Hospital Feb. 28, 2003
Able to roll over from lying on back to lying on tummy Jun. 1, 2003
Reached a weight of 20 lbs. 0 oz. Jun. 25, 2003
Able to sit upright with no external support Jul. 25, 2003
Reached a weight of 22 lbs. 0 oz. (triple birth weight) Oct. 25, 2003
Was able to crawl on hands and knees Dec. 25, 2003
Was baptized in the Philippines Jan. 24, 2004
After one year of trying, the Lifton Lab at Yale University failed to find mutations for PHA in Zachary's DNA Feb. 26, 2004
Was able to walk well without assistance Apr. 25, 2004
Evaluated for speech delay by the local school district.  The preliminary diagnosis is mixed receptive-expressive language disorder. Mar. 22, 2006
First day of Special Education class at Jowell Elementary School.  Enrolled in PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities). Apr. 26, 2006
Re-evaluated by Cypress-Fairbanks Independent school district and diagnosed with autism. Oct. 24, 2006
Started an intensive in-home therapy program using Applied Behavior Analysis. Mar. 5, 2007